Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tata Motors hits back : EIGHT models launched in a day !!

Staring at a prolonged purple patch, Karl Slym-led Tata Motors has finally decided to unsheath its weapons. In a scathing move, as many as eight models made were ushered into the market on a single day. But is it enough to arrest the slide of Tata Motors, especially since the launched models aren't exactly new models but just refreshed ones ??

Tata Motors MD Karl Slym admitted that the market has been tough for them in the last few months. The sales of the Indigo/Manza shed a whopping 63%, and Nano's charts took a dip by 28%. Safari and Aria were no better too, having shrunk by 28% and 77%, respectively.

Buyers now have a platter of refreshed models before them, which included the eco-friendly CNG versions of popular models Nano, Indica and Indigo. The Indica and the Indigo have been provided facelifts in their diesel variants. Other models launched were refreshed versions of the SUV Tata Safari and the UV Tata Sumo Gold.

Unfortunately, the company preferred to keep mum on the prices of these newer models. They just stated that the Nano, Indica and the Indigo models are ready for shipments, while the Safari and Sumo will closely follow them in the coming months. We will notify as soon as we get a word, stay tuned to us.

Karl Slym optimistically mentioned that these models have been launched keeping in line with customer feedback and suggestion. We wouldn't be so optimistic, infact we feel the way out for Tata Motors should involve the launch of brand-new products rather than upgraded ones.

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Source :- Business Today