Friday, June 21, 2013

Porsche Cayman S breaks cover

Over the years, the lust for supercars has increased tremendously in India. Back in the 90's, anything other than the Ambassadors and the 800s seemed like an alien car loitering around. Now, after two decades the story is a bit different and people are now more often hearing the grunt of the V8 and V10 engines, thanks to the increasing amount of supercar makers investing and introducing their products in India.

Now coming to the topic Porsche India is celebrating the launch of the new Cayman S. The two seater has been completely revamped : It is longer, faster, more efficient as well as powerful than its predecessor. A longer wheelbase and larger wheels enhance the performance of the sports car to an unparalleled level.

It's always a delight to watch the Porsches on road with their trademark styling.The Cayman after its siblings (Boxster and 911 Carrera) is the third car from Porsche to feature the innovative light weight design with an alloy of aluminium and steel construction. It's lighter and consumes less fuel than its predecessor; despite higher level of performance.

Cayman is available with a 3.4 liter flat -six cylinder engine producing a massive 325 bhp, the Cayman S is rear wheel drive and has seven speed Porsche Doppelkuppling(PDK) transmission as an option.With PDK it accelerates from null to 100 km/hr in just 4.9 seconds(4.7 seconds with optional sport chrono package) and can clock upto 281 km/hr.

Besides these the other goodie is the sport button, which comes as a standard that lets the driver choose between sport-oriented tuning that is optimised for fuel efficiency. Along with this, for the first time Burmester sound can be optionally ordered. A host of the other new and optional features includes bi-color leather packages.

Lastly, the interior of the new Cayman S continues along the lines of current Porche design. At 93.99 lakh, it will take you to cloud '9' if you are ready to burn a hole in your pocket.