Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From the Editor's desk......uhm, smartphone

There was a boy. From a very early age, he developed a penchant for rapid, stylish-looking bikes and cars. Lengthy hours would be exhausted just in leafing through the glossy pages of magazines like AutoCar and Overdrive. As time passed by, this healthy attraction burst forth into a demonic possession. A point came in his life when he had to make a choice, and quite unrelentingly, he picked his set of wheels over another dear possession of his.

He experienced quite a few fleeting moments of glory with his set of wheels, steadily strengthening the mystical bond between man and machine. Nevertheless, he was interested in gaining more insights and in his unwavering quest for more know-how, he joined an online motorcycling forum.

Frankly, he was dazed by the massive amount of information that was there to be crunched. He was in awe of some old timers, who had stayed there for long and had special tags under their names. Interested to join the same league, he started posting fervently.

Unfortunately, he ended up trolling a few members in the process. An even more worrying fact was the realization that dawned on him about a significant chunk of the forum members' opinions comprised of bits of recycled information. A period of relative lull followed his initial burst of posting, in fact for a few days he was content with just glancing at the strands of information. In the meantime, he was exposed to the trend of grainy spyshots racking up good TRPs.

He wished for a change in the landscape. He wished to bring the change. However, he was pretty alone. Alone. Susceptible. Miserable. He couldn't stand against the big guys alone. He needed two pairs of hands, or probably three.

His scouting began. One of his friends was close enough. That friend hopped on board immediately, and led to another fellow comrade. Finally, he stumbled upon an old contact....Lo and Behold !! The raiding party was all set to go. The inducted comrades had experienced their moments under the sun as well. And they had the fire in their belly to bring out something exemplary.

The work has begun, and proceeds on a war footing even as I, Bishakh Rout, try out the final tweaks in my team. Along with Anand Sankar, Sayantan Bhaumik and Sajdeep Sidhant Satpathy, I will strive to provide food for your thoughts.

Not only that, we look forward to building up a rapport with you, to create a community of like-minded motoring enthusiasts. Engine_Freak will always stay true to its ethos i.e. "An honest, passionate blog about anything on two as well as four wheels".