Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The all new India Limited Edition Gallardo LP550-2

Lamborghini launches an Indian Limited Edition Gallardo to commemorate its 50th Anniversary.
Automobili Lamborghini, much obsessed with a soiree on the eve of their 50th anniversary, has dedicated a tribute to India with the exclusive India limited edition Gallardo LP550-2. It is designed and manufactured keeping in mind India's discerning super sports car enthusiasts.
                                                                                                     After the successful introduction of the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster earlier this year followed by the mighty Veneno (Lambo's costliest car till date) and several international launches to mark the celebrations of their 50th anniversary, the Italian sports car maker has laid its eye on India and is now offering the Limited edition Gallardo to super car enthusiasts as another model that balances ultimate drive experience with sports car feel. The Gallardo LP550-2 Indian edition spots three colors-Arancio Borealis (Pearl Orange),Bianco Monocerus (White) and Verde Ithaca (Pearl Green) on its exterior as a dedication to the three colors of Indian national flag. The supercar is also adorned with tricolor stripes from front bonnet to the roof.                                                                                                      Lamborghini launches an Indian Limited Edition Gallardo LP550-2 to commemorate its 50th Anniversary celebration                              The Indian edition features a predominantly black interior design with a design similar to the Gallardo LP550-2. The Indian edition possesses exactly the same features and technical aspects. The bad news is that the car is only limited to six rollouts from the assembly line. At a sticker price of 3.06 crores it is surely a concern but for a Lamborghini it's totally worth it.