Saturday, June 22, 2013

Iconic Motorcycle in the works

When a company recognized for crafting some of the most exotic, lightweight sportscars starts giving shape to a motorcycle, what do you do ?

You stand back, and watch with awe and amazement, as the mystery unfolds before your eyes.

Iconic British manufacturer Lotus is about to add to its repertoire a motorcycle, which according to them will be a Hyper Bike. Lotus has let out a teaser image, which probably gives us a peek of the carbon fibre fuel tank carrying the Lotus badge, decked up brilliantly in the company's eye-catching Black-and-Gold livery.

The soon-to-be revealed motorcycle will be christened the Lotus C-01. Lotus has stated that it will possess Integrated Racing Technology, making use of carbon fibre, titanium and aerospace-quality steel. A haze of uncertainty lies over the mill's specifications, but according to Lotus's claims, it should be capable of churning out a ground-breaking 200 hp.
Lotus to develop a new motorcycle C-01
The teaser Image

Though Lotus is putting its weighty brand image behind this motorcycle, it is not completely involved in the behind-the-scenes work. It is actually a joint project between former Volkswagen designer Daniel Simon, the Holzer Group and the car racing team Kodewa. Daniel Simon is currently the cynosure of all eyes, having enjoyed a stint at Volkswagen as a Concept Designer. He has even worked for Bugatti, and was behind the design of the futuristic bikes for the movie Tron : Legacy.

The onus is certainly on Daniel Simon, and he seems to have lived up to the task. According to him, the Lotus C-01 will be a beast equipped with top notch technology, but yet it will not be unkempt and gruffy; in fact it will be draped in a "tailored suit". Simon has hinted at some retro inspiration to the styling of the Lotus C-01.

Lotus is a marvellous brand name, with a rich legacy behind it. We do expect the Lotus C-01 to stay true to the brand name, and celebrate the rich legacy with aplomb.

Lotus has promised to let loose many more teasers in the coming weeks. Keep tuned to us as we bring further updates about the Lotus C-01. In the meantine, do let us know if you would prefer dashes of retro touch in a rapid-moving set of wheels ?