Sunday, December 15, 2013

Harley-Davidson Thumps into Rajasthan with Dealership in Jaipur

With an aim to expand its customer base in the state of Rajasthan, Harley-Davidson has auspicated its first dealership in the state. The move represents Harley-Davidson's growing ambitions of cornering a lion's share of the Big Bike market in India.


Official data suggests that there are about 40 residents of the state who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The company wants to see a surge in this number, and is optimistic about the growth prospects in the state. The dealership in Rajasthan will thus offer all the eleven models of the Indian line-up of Harley-Davidson. 

As times and preferences change, Harley-Davidson faces an uncertain and difficult future. Soaring gas prices and increasingly difficult economic conditions have dampened its growth prospects in its traditional stronghold, the United States of America. Accompanying that challenge is a new competitor ( Read Indian Motorcycles ) on the horizon with a refreshed lineup and a shot-in-the-arm from the parent company.


Harley-Davidson has come up with a prompt retort to the challenge, in the form of two new bikes aimed at young riders in developing markets. The two bikes have plunged to a low in terms of engine capacities ( Street 500 and Street 750 ), showing that Harley-Davidson is indeed considering newer markets seriously.

India, being the second most populous nation in the world, provides an untapped opportunity for Harley-Davidson. The Indian market is riddled with a plethora of small-capacity bikes, and as consumer interests widen, manufacturers like Harley-Davidson will be at the receiving end of the benefits.

Source - Economic Times