Saturday, November 9, 2013

SPIED : Mini Cooper Spotted Testing in Cuttack; New Paint Technology in Pipeline

Oh spyshots, how we love to hate thee!!
Mini Cooper D Spied
In a surprising turn of events, a Mini Cooper D was spotted undertaking test runs on the chaotic, lawless streets of Cuttack. Engine Freak's very-own Editor was thatch-weaving his way through the muddle, when he spotted this sexy siren pulling off even more eye-catching swerves.

Prima facie, the car appeared to be a regular vehicle, devoid of the customary black garb or a swirling paint job. However, the car seemed to be splattered in a different kind of paint. It appeared sort of wet...we will even go ahead to call it slimy!! You might not be able to make it out from the photographs; blame it on the poor optics of the Sony ST21i.
 Mini Cooper Spied Testing
It appears Mini is working on a revolutionary paint technology. Such paint is said to be self-repairing in nature, and can mend scratches upto a certain degree on its own [ Source ]. Nissan was the only manufacturer which had attempted to make widespread use of it, but it had to be shelved due to lack of customer enthusiasm. 

Mini could be preparing together a cocktail of chemicals which rebond and thus repair the scratch, upon exposure to ultraviolet light

And what better place to test this other than the wild streets of Cuttack, India?? The sun is beating down, ensuring enough quanta of ultraviolet light. And the crazy traffic will do its job! Here, motorcycle clip-on bar-ends often come within kissing distance of car body panels and four-wheeler mirrors often leave their indelible marks on bike fairings. Unless you own a 200 Duke / Pulsar 200NS, the shiny chrome heat-shield on your end can will definitely be carrying some sort of battering and bruising!!
A curvaceous, gorgeous car like the Mini Cooper will definitely be groped on the streets, notwithstanding the fact whether the surroundings are pitch-dark or not!!  :-)

The Mini Cooper D is powered by a 1,598 cc turbocharged, straight-four engine that manages to whip up maximum spunk of 110 hp @ 4, 000 rpm and a peak torque of 270 Nm within 1,750 - 2,200 rpm. We do not expect any changes to the mechanicals of the Mini Cooper. Expect this sort of paint technology to make it to other Mini as well as BMW models once it passes out the field testing with intact colours!

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