Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two Days; Two Hyundai Eons Caught In Fire

Frankly speaking, vehicle recalls have been quite a dominant flavour in the last few seasons of the Indian Auto Industry. No matter how much auto-journalists would praise an auto-manufacturer for being proactive in considering customers' safety, the fact is that automobile recall still remains a double-edged sword. Read on...
Two Hyundai Eons Caught In Fire In Mumbai
Forget about a loose nut or rivet causing a catastrophic event due to Ripple Effect at high enough speeds. We commoners never really stray into that zone of speed from where the above effect would start dominating proceedings. But does it warrant a let-down from the auto-makers, and more importantly their independence in having customers at their beck and call to demand a callback of vehicles as and when necessary??

Let's move over to the Indian scene. Automotive recalls were largely No-man's territory few years back. But at some point, it picked up. People raved. Journalists cheered. That India was becoming an advanced market. Automakers wouldn't be able to shrug away the concerns and worries of the customers. I guess the humongous recall of around 1,00,000 Maruti-Suzuki A-Stars was the tipping point. It happened way back in February 2010, and an aftershock followed in June 2010. It saw the recall of around 6000 Maruti-Suzuki Altos.
Two Hyundai Eons Caught In Fire In Mumbai
Another Massive Recall in the offing ??
Those events are now out of vogue. the numbers have been re-written over and over again. The generally-viewed-as-technically-superior Honda hogged limelights in 2012, when it called back its popular sedan City twice within a gap of about six months. GM, however, erased all those memories when it recalled around 1.1 Lakh units of the Tavera in July 2013. Nissan wasn't far either, with around 22,000 Micras making a return journey to showrooms for checks and replacements. (Source -Economic Times)

No one, however, comes close to Ford regarding this dubious distinction. Two of its blockbuster models, the Figo hatchback and the Classic sedan, grabbed unsavoury eyeballs when 1.1 Lakh units were called back in August 2012. The run continues, with Ford having set a new milestone for the largest ever recall in the annals of Indian Automotive Industry. Few weeks back, they notified around 1.7 lakh units about the need for a check in the rear suspension as well as the power steering hose.

MotorBash, India's Fastest Growing car blog, reported in detail about the latest recall of Ford India. You can have a look at the areas of the Figo and Classic models which will come under scrutiny, and even more, here!!

Finally, let's come to the point. We have been getting a whiff of what could be another disastrous run in the making. Reports flow in about two Hyundai Eons that caught fire in two consecutive days. Both the incidents happened in Mumbai, and noticeably, both of the cars were demo models. One of them belonged to Shreeram Hyundai and was engulfed in flames at Borivali. The second car belonged to Modi Hyundai and it ended up in a charred heap on the Vikhroli Eastern Express Highway.

Bells have started tolling!! Cars getting enveloped in flames attract enough attention to give whole PR teams jeepers. Indis's very own Tata Nano had to go through agni-pareekshas in the initial days. Frankly, we can't really say if it emerged out of it stronger and burnished!!

Eon has enjoyed good success in India. As far as our horizon goes, we aren't aware of any such incidents to have grabbed the arc-lights before. Suddenly, we have two freak happenings on two consecutive days. Do you feel these are the sown seeds of another massive recall in the Indian Automotive landscape??

Source - Flywheel