Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yamaha To Venture into Producing Motiv City Cars

Wondering if this is something new from Yamaha's side?  Then you are absolutely wrong. Yamaha has a long and distinguished history of making fine car engines and outstanding motor cycles. It has been developing and building car engines for other companies including Toyota, Ford and Volvo for some years now. They even raced in F1 with their own V12 motor in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Howewer, they had not particularly entered the automotive industry until now when they have decided to make one.


Yamaha in an actual shocking announcement made at the Tokyo Motor Show revealed that they are going to soon have a new four wheeler soon, with their partner Gordon Murray. He is a South African who is behind some of the most successful F1 racing cars in history and also designed the 240mph McLaren F1 road car.  For some time now, he has been developing a small city car, instead of making and selling the cars himself, he has planned to sell the licenses to use his designs to other companies.  It's like Yamaha is in the verge of signing this contract.


The Yamaha Motiv takes design cues from Murray's T25 prototype and also another of his T27 prototype.  Instead of the fashioned three seater which Murray's T25 cars have with the driver seat in the middle and the passenger seat a bit on the rear on each sides of the driver's seat, the Yamaha Motiv is going to be having a two seater only.  The car if gone to the production is said to have 25 kW and one liter three-cylinder engine likely to produce well over 100 bhp.  The pricing is expected to be the same as around a small fourtwo car, something in the range of £10k.


So here's the question : What do you think about this, a four-wheeler with an Yamaha Logo?

Source - VisorDown