Friday, February 20, 2015

New Bajaj Pulsar Launches to Begin From Next Month

New Bajaj Pulsars will start making their way into the market starting from the next month. Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto, made this revelation in an interview session with CNBC-TV18.

New Bajaj Pulsar Launches to Begin From Next Month
He stated that the first new product aimed at the "Sportier" segment will hit the market in the month of March 2015. More launches will follow, and the product onslaught will carry on till the month of June 2015.

Few days back, we had reported about the spyphotos of a Pulsar 200SS sporting a Black-and-Gold paint scheme. The source claimed that the bike was being showcased to some Indonesian motoring enthusiasts. The display was being done at Bajaj Auto's Akurdi plant, and had reportedly been carried out on the behest of Kawasaki.

Here is a list of the upcoming products from Bajaj Auto :

  1. Pulsar 200SS
  2. Pulsar 200AS
  3. Pulsar 150NS
  4. New Bajaj Avenger
New Bajaj Pulsar Launches to Begin From Next Month
Spied Bajaj Pulsar 150NS

The surprise in the list is the new Bajaj Avenger! It was revealed by Rajiv Bajaj in the interview, and could be a step towards infusing life into the struggling Avenger. While the absence of spyshots and other relevant information makes it difficult to speculate the changes, let's just hope that Bajaj hands over it a new mill with a changed state of tune more suited to cruising.

The Bajaj Pulsar 150NS will sit over the current Pulsar 150. The styling will be an exact rip-off from the Pulsar 200NS, albeit a little smaller in dimensions. Expect a change in the powerplant, as the Pulsar 150 accounts for a major chunk of Bajaj's sales. The auto major wouldn't want the replacement to be weak on any front. 

The Pulsar 200SS and the Pulsar 200AS will be the remaining products to be launched, if Bajaj doesn't have any aces up its sleeve. The Pulsar 200SS will be the full-faired variant, sporting a peppier engine and the possible introduction of fuel injection and ABS as options. The Pulsar 200AS, on the other hand, will continue with the same state of tune found on the Pulsar 200NS.

New Bajaj Pulsar Launches to Begin From Next Month

There still remain a few more To-Be-Launched products from Bajaj Auto. They are the Pulsar 400SS, and the Pulsar 400CS. They were on display at the Delhi Auto Expo last year. But we don't expect them to be ready for launch so soon. Stay tuned to us for more information!

A big shout-out to BikeAdvice for the spy photo of Bajaj Pulsar 150NS!