Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lamborghini Phenomeno Super Veloce Concept at a Glance!

Lamborghini produces some of the most futuristic and aggressive-looking cars on this planet. And the new Lamborghini Phenomeno concept is a strong testimony to that!

Lamborghini Phenomeno Super Veloce Concept
Lamborghini Phenomeno in Super Veloce trim
The Phenomeno Concept is the brainchild of design apprentice Grigory Gorin. The concept includes two versions, one of them is the Super Veloce trim. It is more sinister and wicked-looking, bound to turn some heads with ease! The other version is the Standard trim. Though it possesses a more-laid back style statement, it still manages to carry forward the legacy of Sant'Agata Bolognese with flair.

Lamborghini Phenomeno Super Veloce Concept Standard Version
Lamborghini Phenomeno in Standard trim

Grigory has stayed true to the Lamborghini family DNA code, and has introduced many angled cuts and slashes throughout the body of the car. In fact, he has seamlessly combined design cues from the more modern Raging Bulls like the Aventador and Reventon with those from the older ones like the Countach and the Diablo. The sweeping roofline bears more resemblance to the Countach, whereas the light setups at the front and rear remind us of the Aventador and the Reventon.

Lamborghini Phenomeno Super Veloce Concept Rear Wing
Is this thing built for rooftop-to-rooftop jumping in Gotham city?

To take things even higher, an evil-looking fixed rear wing spoiler has been bolted on to the Super Veloce trim. It would feel at home on the streets of Gotham City, wouldn't it? :D The Standard trim doesn't include this rear wing. Another difference between the two trims lies in the paint-job.

The Lamborghini Phenomeno Super Veloce Concept is powered by a hybrid drivetrain. It harnesses the combined output of a rear mounted gasoline engine and two electric motors for a combined power of a mind-boggling 990 horsepower! Solar panels are placed on the roof of the car, and they help to recharge the batteries of the car.

Lamborghini Phenomeno Super Veloce Concept
Damn! That Ass!!

As is the trend with supercars, use of traditional materials like steel and aluminium has been replaced by composites and ultra-light weight polymers to help the Lamborghini Phenomeno shed some weight. We really don't need to mention about those scissor-style doors, do we?