Sunday, January 26, 2014

Suzuki Gixxer Testing in Noida

Yes you heard it right, it's Suzuki Gixxer!! Or at least that's what the source claims.

Recently, a person found the above bike testing in Noida. As the name reads, it clearly shows that this is a product of Suzuki and that it reads something as Gixxer. Finally relieved to see that Suzuki have taken the market bit seriously and listening to what the customer needs, especially after the launch of their Suzuki Inazuma.  No more details are available now, and we are thinking that it should be a sub-200cc motorcycle, considering it only has a single disc at the front and also from the body of the bike.

The bike looks more of a mixed up but still looks good. Seriously, a welcome change like this from Suzuki is welcomed with a BIG Smile :).  The bike as we can see is not camouflaged and it looks like it's in the final stage of release / ad shoot.

Personally, we liked the exhaust of the bike which looks unique and cool. The bike as we got details, was doing a good speed which might make it a good bike and also if the pricing is below that of the present FZ then this definitely will bring good sales to Suzuki.