Saturday, January 4, 2014

STUNT TUTORIAL : How to Pop a Wheelie on A Bike?

Team Engine Freak has a new addition in their team. The maverick guy is known as Aman Ali, and he is a talented and budding stunter. Along with the regular dose of automobile related news and stuff, we have decided to bring in nuggets of information for our fans and followers. The nuggets come in the form of stunting and riding tips.


We begin with a tutorial on how to pull off one of the most interesting stunts : The Wheelie

By definition, the Wheelie is a trick show where the bike's front wheel starts defying gravity and goes airborne. While the basic stunt just includes the front wheel landing back on the ground after a short time, experienced stunters can keep the front wheel raised while they roll about. These are some of the many variations that can be done to a wheelie; let's first begin with just the "Wheelie".


Now, before embarking on the tips, we will want you to be equipped with a full set of riding gear. These include helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and a spine protector too. Stunting, and more importantly motorcycling, is an inherently risky job. We, at Team Engine Freak, would want that your skin stays where it looks good, and not on the tarmac.

And oh, do ensure that you have a tank full of hydrocarbons ready to push and prod the piston inside your bike's cylinder(s)!


Step-by-Step Guide :
  1. To pop a wheelie you need to get your bike rolling at 10-15 Kmph
  2. Then disengage the clutch ( Pull in the clutch lever ) to level out the bike's speed 
  3. Next step would be to release the clutch while giving the bike enough torque to lift up the front wheels
  4. Give the bike some throttle at the time of releasing the clutch lever
  5. The amount of throttle that you need to give depends on your bike's geometry and the engine capacity.
  6. To keep rolling the bike while having the wheel up in the air, bring your bike to a lean angle of about 60-70 degrees
  7. You also need to keep gunning the bike's engine,with a little bit of braking to maintain the height of the front wheel
  8. Never jab the front brake lever, as the gyroscopic effect of the rotating front wheel helps in maintaining the bike's balance

Remember fellas, practice makes a man perfect! So, if you are a beginner, then we would suggest you to spend some time trying out the stunt on an isolated stretch of road. Who knows you might end up embarassing yourself infront of the girl you are trying to impress if you fail to pop up the perfect wheelie? :-D

We will keep coming back with variations of the wheelie, and many more stunts as well. stay tuned to Engine Freak. If you have any problems in defying gravity with your front wheel, remember we are just a FB message away!!