Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spied : 2014 Ducati Monster glimpsed testing in Italy ?? Liam Neeson doing the honours ???

Quite a few days back, the alleged spyshots of a bike covered in what-appeared-to-be-chrome-coloured-confetti went on air on a few sites, the reputed MCN as well as an Italian automotive portal Moto.it being included in the list. The spied motorcycle is supposed to be the 2014 edition of the Ducati Monster, or so everyone has opined.
All new 2014 Ducati Monster spied in Italy

The pictures seemed to be of fairly good quality for them to be called Spyshots. Spotted in a quite-well-forested area
somewhere probably in Italy, the pictures show a rider clad in full protection gear. Probably he was out to test the motorcycle in a sparsely populated area and had just craned his neck to wish goodbye to the jolly-good-half-bald-fellow who accompanied him. Lo and behold!!

The biker then spotted a few nosey snoopers hanging around in the bushes nearby!! They had already pointed their Carl-Zeisses/Vario-Tessars towards the bike. In a hurry, he and his companion then struggled to haul the-Monster-of-a-bike up the ramp into their trailer. Imagine the snoopers !! They must have been on a Click-click-click flurry, as the rider and his companion struggled to push the alleged 2014 Ducati Monster up into their Winnebago trailer.
All new 2014 Ducati Monster spied in Italy
Hey !! Did anyone say Winnebago ?? Oh man....this could as well be the set of spyshots for the all new 2014 range of Winnebago trailers !!! Pity...pity...pity !!!

The snoopers missed the point. It was probably not about the swirly bike, but the Bloody-Red trailer!!!

*(Evil laugh)*


Nevertheless, we will probably never be able to know if they are true spyshots or not. It isn't a tall task for any PR machinery worth its adverts to come up with a well-timed ploy like this. Ducati is expected to unveil its new Monster in the 2013 EICMA Show in Milan, Italy.

Yeah, the bike is splattered around with metallic-confetti. The radiator is clearly visible, so expect a liquid-cooled engine. The single-sided swingarm can be inferred from a tandem click with two-alleged-2014-Monsters resting side by side. There is also a stacked dual-exhaust setup.

I will not venture into the Engine specifications and details, despite our blog being named Engine_Freak. Many other sites have already ranted a lot about it. One even treaded upon to the very limit of imagery, claiming that the new 2014 Monster is angrier, with the wide lap of its manifolds!!
All-New 2014 Ducati Monster spied in Italy

Here are the links ... I am least bothered about diverting traffic from my blog.


(Evil laugh continues)


Scratch the surface, and you will find a larger issue at hand. No, it's not about my evil laugh.

It's the way the industry pounces upon the so-called-spyshots. Exactly like the piranhas. Why not let the unsuspecting rider breathe free ??

By the way, do have a closer look at the spyshots. The retrofitted wheelie-bar-kit was something that everyone paid least attention to.

Ohh !! So what is Ducati upto?? Do we have a new tagline, a la KTM's "Ready to Race !" ??

Fellas, does the following line leave a good ring in your ears??

Ducati : Ready to Pop !!